What do Recruitment Consultants do all day?!

The Recruitment Process

What do Recruitment Consultants do all day?!

In a nutshell – the Recruitment Process

There are about 20 stages within this process, but we will outline the main ones.

The aim of the Recruitment Process is to ensure the existence of the best possible pool of suitable qualified applicants from which job vacancies can be filled as and when required.

Many Recruitment Agencies specialise in certain types of work such as a Medical Recruitment Agency.

They can help you by submitting you for vacancies suitable to you (the Candidate) from the selection of ‘active jobs’ they have at any given time.

Once a job is in, the process then involves attracting, screening and selecting qualified Candidates for that job.

Listed below is the step by step Recruitment Process:

  • Job vacancy request is received by the Recruitment Agency from a Client Company
  • Job is advertised/displayed on internal and external recruitment websites, newspapers and throughout the Social Media.
  • All particulars of the job are ascertained including Job Description, location, package on offer
  • The Recruitment Agency searches its internal database for suitable candidates and contact is made by phone or mail shot depending on the numbers.
  • Suitable Candidates are shortlisted and assessed for matching to the job
  • The Recruitment Agency interviews the candidates either face to face or by phone, reviewing every aspect of their CV, the Job Description and the Company
  • Suitable candidates CVs are submitted only with the following in place –
    • Company name
    • A full job Description
    • Company details, website etc
    • Informed consent has been given
  • It is at this stage the Recruiter must ensure the Candidate has not had their CV submitted to that Company in the last 12 months either by themselves or anyone else as repeated applications can reflect badly on the Candidate and appear careless
  • CV submission is followed up by the Recruitment Agency and the candidates are contacted with feedback as to why they were rejected or for an interview invite
  • Proceed to interview stage, may be 1, 2 or 3 interviews and or a Power Point Presentation
  • Job offer, always pending references, acceptance and start date established
  • The Recruitment Agency should then follow up with the candidate on their 1st week, 1st month and in their 3rd month

So now you know what Recruitment Consultants do all day!

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