An Aspirin A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Low-dose (75mg) aspirin is already recommended for people with known cardiovascular disease to prevent stroke and heart attack.

But can an aspirin a day keep the Doctor away?

There is new evidence to suggest that taking an aspirin a day may also prevent and possibly treat cancer.

And aspirin appears not only to reduce the risk of developing many different cancers in the first place, but may also stop cancers spreading around the body.

Professor Peter Rothwell, from Oxford University, and colleagues, who carried out the latest work, had already linked aspirin with a lower risk of certain cancers, particularly bowel cancer.

However, before we all get too excited, Professor Peter Rothwell has also stated “There are risks of Aspirin as well as benefits.”

Experts warn that there is still not enough proof to recommend it to prevent cancer cases and deaths and warn that the drug can cause dangerous side effects like stomach bleeds.

Prof Peter Johnson, of Cancer Research UK, said it was still a good idea for people thinking of taking aspirin to discuss it with their GP because of the possible side effects.

Life and Health is about compromise. Nothing is wholly good or bad.

For example:

  • Red wine (strictly in moderation) has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Red meat is a good source of iron but again should be eaten in moderation
  • Chocolate with a high cocoa content is full of antioxidants

The question remains:

Can an aspirin a day keep the Doctor away?

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