Do you know who is holding the knife during your Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery - who is holding the knife?

Who is holding the knife in your Cosmetic Surgery?

Before undergoing any Cosmetic Surgery procedure or taking a new Cosmetic Surgery Nurse job in a Clinic – make sure you know who is holding the knife @ the Clinic/Hospital.

Cosmetic Surgery regulation will be dealt with in the context of legislative proposals for the licensing of public and private healthcare providers, the Minister for Health has said.

A Bill is being prepared to amend the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 to make it mandatory for all medical practitioners engaged in clinical practice to have adequate clinical indemnity cover in place.

The new provisions will give power to the Medical Council to refuse to grant registration to a medical practitioner who fails to provide certification demonstrating that s/he has appropriate medical indemnity cover.

“When invasive procedures are being arranged, individuals would be strongly advised to check that the services are provided by a medical practitioner who is appropriately registered with the Medical Council.

Before agreeing to undergo any procedure, individuals should ascertain the level of follow-up medical support which will be available to them after the surgery has been completed,” Dr James Reilly said.

Ensure, if undergoing ‘the knife’ in Cosmetic Surgery procedures, you know who is holding that knife.


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