The importance of our Theatre Nurse Managers

Theatre Nurse Manager

Theatre Nurse Manager

The Theatre Nurse Manager is a role model and resource person guiding staff in a Theatre environment which highlights their importance.

They must provide guidance and leadership in the delivery of care and nursing practice within the Hospital Theatre environment.

The Theatre Nurse Manager is a specialist Nurse where a great deal of expertise and skills have to be applied on a day to day basis.

The Theatre Nurse Manager has the overall responsibility for the patient’s well
being with focus on the pre-operative, operative and post operative functions
within the operating theatre environment.

A broad spectrum of nursing knowledge is required as a Theatre Nurse Manager as they must function independently, accept responsibility and have excellent leadership

They may also be asked to teach, train and supervise new staff.

Whilst Theatre Nurse Managers primary focus in on operations and surgeries they
can also have specializations, such as obstetrics, ophthalmology, orthopaedics,
cosmetics and other fields that require surgery/operations.

These Theatre Manager Nurse jobs offer the opportunity of working in one of the many Hospitals/Clinics in the country – eg – Cork or Dublin.

Undoubtedly, the Theatre Nurse Manager is one of the most privileged nursing jobs in
the industry.

The importance of our Theatre Nurse Managers in Ireland cannot be under estimated.

They really do have our lives in their hands

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