Fart – it’s Friday!!

Farting lowers Blood Pressure

Farting - good for the heart!

Fart – it’s Friday!  

Lower your Blood Pressure and pass wind! 

It seems that flatulence/breaking wind, or otherwise – farting – lowers blood pressure.

We all know that keeping ‘wind’ in only leads to pain, raises the blood pressure and increases abdominal pressure.

There is relief in passing wind!

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University, in Maryland, have discovered that the gas leading to flatulence is produced from an enzyme called CSE – a substance that also relaxes the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

CSE production starts inside the cells that line the blood vessels. The odour comes from bacteria in the gut that generate small amounts of hydrogen sulphide, a toxic gas whose use might now be further developed to help with blood pressure treatment.

Scientists engineered mice that were deficient in CSE, depleting their levels of hydrogen sulphide. The mice were found to have blood pressure readings 20 mm/Hg higher than normal mice. They then added a blood pressure drug, methacholine, but it didn’t help. That told the researchers that hydrogen sulphide is responsible for the blood vessel relaxation.

“This study shows that smelly hydrogen sulphide is also likely to have a role in regulating blood pressure and it will be a bit of an impetus for scientists to develop more specific tools to work out what’s going on, says Professor Amrita Ahluwalia, an expert in vascular pharmacology at Barts and The London Medical School.

Now we see that low levels of hydrogen sulphide are necessary for better health, while high levels are toxic.

Scientists hope the findings will lead to new options for treating high blood pressure, a condition that has steadily become more prevalent worldwide.

Changes to your diet may be required to reduce the amount of wind/flatulence you are producing. The easiest ones are sugar, dairy, and red meat, as they are usually difficult to digest, and the undigested materials produce more gas by-products than digested products. Also, cut out the coffee and wine, as the acids and tannins stimulate the development of h.pylori bacteria in the gut that causes the need to pass gas.

Post abdominal or colon surgery, nurses look for the onset of farting/passing wind as a sign of recovery as  the bowel freezes when handled during surgery and it may take 24 – 48 hours for it to start moving again – a good fart is a good sign post Bowel Surgery!

So, ladies, in summary – keep the blood pressure down and keep passing that wind!

Men – you just carry on doing what you are very good at!

Fart – it’s Friday and it’s good for the heart!

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