Women using less reliable contraception due to Recession!

Contraception in a Recession

Contraception in a Recession

According to the Irish Family Planning Association’s (IFPA) Annual Report 2010, women are using less reliable forms of contraception.

The report states that women are choosing less reliable but more expensive contraception methods eg the pill as they cannot afford the initial outlay for more effective long term contraception.

According to this report, the coil or implant cost around €300.

IFPA Clinics have noticed a decline of 10% in private client attendance since 2009.

Also highlighted was the fact that HSE cuts have meant a number of women with medical cards who used the IFPA’s services  ’are simply unable to afford sexual and reproductive health services anymore’

‘Ambiguous legislation is also putting young people at risk of unplanned pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) in Ireland’

The legal status of prescribing contraception to under 16 year olds is  ‘very unclear’.

Adding to the complication is the fact the age of sexual consent in Ireland is 17.

Dr Caitriona Henchion, IFPA Medical Director said ‘Medical professionals deserve the protection of the law when they provide services which, after careful assessment they decide are in young people’s best interests’

This report added that ‘Doctors who provide sexual health services, do so in a legal vacuum’

What a sign of the times when women are using less reliable contraception due to a recession!

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