Reason for Leaving

CV writing

CV writing

One of the most common questions Employers ask when they see a job seekers Curriculum Vitae (CV) is their reason for leaving their current or last job.

We advise regularly on CV writing to our job seekers and this is an area we cannot emphasise enough.

It is essential on your CV as a job seeker to clearly state your reason for leaving each job.

This can be done in one line at the end of each job and makes it alot easier for an employer to gauge if a job seeker is a ‘hopper’ – someone who leaves jobs after a short time regularly, or a ‘stayer’ – someone who shows commitment and longevity in the work place.

Employers prefer the latter.

It may simply be the case you have had contract positions, or a baby or many of the good reasons to only be in a job a short time, but if you do not state your reasons for leaving on your CV, you are left wide open to the wrong interpretation which may be the difference between an Employer dismissing your CV or not.

As a Medical Recruitment Agency, this also helps us to analyse our job seekers better.

So remember, when submitting your CV to a Recruitment Agency or directly to a Company, always state your reason for leaving after each job.

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