Exercise – the only way to go!

Exercise - The Only Way to Go

Exercise - The Only Way to Go


Exercise – the only way to go! Described recently as a “wonder drug”, I think it is something we all know at the back of our heads!


UK Cancer Support Group Macmillan, are supporting the idea that those who are recovering from cancer should be prescribed an exercise regime as soon as they feel ready,as opposed to being told to rest. New studies have now shown that exercise have a dramatic effect on the disease returning, which supports the notion that Exercise really is the only way to go!


Following a review on over sixty studies, exercise can only benefit your health and mood. Patients undergoing treatment, who were physically active at the same time, had great effects on their  physical wellbeing and their mood, the study has said. “Long term, it is an effective way to help recover physical function, manage fatigue, improve quality of life and mental health, and control body weight,” said the ‘Move More’ report.

Research has also shown that there can be a significant reduction in recurrence of the cancer disease. For example:

·         Where women on the study who have suffered with Breast Cancer with 150 minutes p/w exercise have a 40% less recurrence rate

·          Bowel Cancer suffers recurrence rate have been slashed by 50% with 6 hours per week.

And the list goes on.

The benefits of exercise are limitless, and studies have now shown another level for those suffering with cancer.

Cancer is a heart breaking and physically gruelling disease, but if something like going for a walk, a cycle or a light swim a few times a week can only benefit you then why not? Exercise is the only way to go.

So get out there and enjoy the fresh air – a novel idea is to bring the kids and make a family day out of it! You may not even realise how much you are doing even by simply bringing the kids to the pool!








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