Jackie Brown becomes a Fellow

Jackie Brown becomes a Fellow

Jackie Brown becomes a Fellow

We are delighted to congratulate Jackie Brown on being awarded Fellowship of the National Recruitment Federation (NRF)

She has also recently successfully completed the only Recruitment Practice qualification in Ireland – The NRF Cert in Recruitment Practice.

She is currently one of the only people in Ireland with these 2 Accolades.

Speaking about her recent Award and Certificate, Jackie says – ‘I am thrilled with becoming a Fellow of The National Recruitment Federation. It is essential as Recruiters in Ireland, we are encouraged to always be proud of what we do and to become better at what we do. The more the NRF do to keep the Recruitment Practice in Ireland as a Profession to be proud of and one to be commended, the better.

We take our job seekers careers in our hands every day and it is so important to represent them as professionally and to the best of our ability.

It is not only their career, more often these days, it is their livelihood and life balance and we can make a difference to them. That is both an honour and a priviledge and we must have confidence and capability for our job seekers to be able to trust their future in our hands.

The NRF have been brilliant for our Industry in Ireland in terms of bringing it forward to a profession to be proud of and recognised.

The Code of Conduct and now the recent Certificate Course they have commenced will go a long way in ensuring that Recruiters takes this Profession seriously and our job seekers can be assured of a Legal and Professional Practice when they hand their career and future in to their Recruiters hands.

I am personally and professionally thrilled to now represent my Job Seekers and Client Companies with 11 years experience in Medical Recruitment, Fellowship of the NRF and now the Certificate in Recruitment Practice.

In my own Business @ Jackie Brown Medical, it is standard practice that we are Members of the NRF and Recruit at the highest possible standard and we use the NRF Code of Practice in all we do.

When I won the’ Recruiter of the Year’  Award in 2008, this was of benefit to my Business to ensure Best Practice at all times. Now with this Fellowship and Certificate in Recruitment Practice, this will now ensure we continue to work at the highest possible standard of Recruitment for our Job Seekers and our Client Companies.

It has been a long time coming, but the NRF are to be commended for their continued effort to reward and encourage this Best Practice in Recruitment Industry in Ireland’.

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