Married people live longer!

Marriage is good for your HealthThe advice is – be single, be happy or be Married, be happy, anything inbetween can cause unnecessary strain and stress.

Avoid being in an unhealthy relationship as that can cause serious mental and emotional strain.

Researchers at the University of Cardiff in Wales have found that being married is good for physical and mental health. Furthermore, these benefits increase over time.

According to their findings, on average, married people live longer, while overall, married women have better mental health and married men have better physical health.

“On balance it probably is worth making the effort. Men’s physical health probably improves because of their partner’s positive influence on their lifestyle and the mental bonus for women may be due to a greater emphasis on the importance of the relationship,” the researchers wrote in an editorial in the medical journal, Student BMJ (British Medical Journal).

However, they acknowledged that the course of true love does not always run smoothly and pointed to evidence which suggests that relationships in adolescence are associated with increased adolescent depressive symptoms.

They also noted that not all relationships are good for you, referring to evidence that single people have better mental health than those in strained relationships.

Not surprisingly, the researchers also confirmed that breaking up is hard to do, saying ‘exiting a relationship is distressing’, while divorce can have a devastating impact on individuals.

Having numerous partners is also linked with a risk of earlier death.

However, they concluded that while relationship failures can harm health, this is not a reason to avoid them, as a good relationship will improve both physical and mental health.

They advise people to try to avoid getting into bad relationships rather than not getting into a relationship at all.

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