Do not drive unless you have to

Drive safely in the snow

Drive safely in the snow


Do not drive unless you have to.

Irish weather is causing havoc – to businesses, children off school and driving.

Some road safety tips according to -

Road Safety:

The Gardai are urging people to leave their cars behind and travel by public transport where possible. If you have to make a journey, there are a number of things you should do.


-Before setting out, ensure all your windows are clear of snow and ice and remove snow from your footwear to ensure your feet do not slip on the pedals.
- When moving off, use second gear to minimise wheel spin. If your car starts to slip in place while you are trying to start off, ease off the accelerator.
-Drive slowly and stay well behind the car in front of you.
-Use dipped headlights in the daytime.
-Beware of black ice. A very noticeable decrease in road noise is an indication that you are driving on black ice.
-Use the highest gear possible when driving on flat ground and engage a lower gear when travelling downhill, particularly when driving through bends. Look ahead and choose a suitable gear in advance before climbing a hill to avoid having to change down while on an incline.
-Avoid sudden braking or acceleration. Anticipate when you may need to stop and use engine braking, in other words, changing down through the gears in order to slow the car gradually before gently applying the brakes.
-If your car starts to skid and you do not have ABS, press down on the clutch and turn the steering wheel in the same direction as the skid, while gently easing off the accelerator. Avoid over-correction with too much steering. Braking or accelerating suddenly could put your car into a spin.
-If the car does spin, remain calm and press down on the brake pedal firmly, holding it there until the car comes to a stop.
-Never try to overtake a car that is skidding or spinning on the road in front of you


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