Our National Recruitment Federation

National Recruitment Federation Logo

National Recruitment Federation Logo

It has come to our attention in recent times that not enough Candidates (Job seekers) or Clients (Companies recruiting) are aware of the National Recruitment Federation (NRF) in Ireland

The NRF is our only governing body for Recruitment in Ireland.

They are there purely to assist in all matters concerning Recruitment.

Many of our Recruitment Agencies are aware or indeed members of the NRF, but they are also there to support and guide Candidates and Clients recruiting.

If you are a Candidate looking for a new job or a Company hiring, make sure your Recruitment Agency of choice is a member of the NRF as this will automatically give you reassurance they are of a high standard

Check on their website for the above Logo.

They provide support and guidance to everyone in Ireland or abroad wishing to come to Ireland who are seeking a job or Companies wishing to recruit.

They are also the only Recruitment body who reward the Recruitment Industry with an Awards ceremony – ensuring standards are being maintained and encouraging them to be examined and improved annually.

They now run a course for Recruitment Consultants which is a breath of fresh air as there has never been a Recruitment course or qualification before in Ireland


They guide the Recruitment Agencies with a Code of Conduct.

The Employment Agency Act, 1971 provides that any person carrying on the business of an employment agency must obtain a licence to do so from the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

Persons seeking employment through an employment agency should ensure that they deal only with licensed agencies

No fee may be charged by an agency to a job seeker solely for agreeing to seek employment for them.

All NRF Members are required to be licensed as a condition of membership.

All too often we have heard of Candidates being bullied (pressured in to jobs)or CV’s being submitted directly to Companies without the expressed informed consent of the Candidate prior to this.

This is where the NRF come in to play – anyone who has fallen victim to this may make a complaint with the NRF who will then investigate on the Candidates behalf.

Client Companies again, any pressure, efforts to charge without prior agreement etc can be taken to the NRF who will guide and investigate

If you are hiring or looking for a job, know your rights and become familiar with our NRF -


It only exists for our benefit to ensure the highest standards within Recruitment in Ireland are being met

Do you really want to put your career and future in to the hands on anyone less then the best?

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