Medical Card Online

Medical Card Genius!

Medical Card Genius!

Medical Card Online!

It seems the HSE have finally come into the technological world and start to use it to everyone’s advantage.

With delays on everything HSE, between being inundated with applications from the unemployment line to disputes and strikes across the board, it seems everyone is waiting for something from the HSE.

BUT, after much criticism received on the delays and waiting times for medical cards, the HSE have announced their launch of their GP visit or Medical Card online application service.

You can now go online and check if you qualify and if so, you can also go through the motions with their online application service!

Paddy Burke, Head of the HSE’s Primary Care Reimbursement Service (PCRS) says, “The service will be of interest to thousands of people who simply wish to verify eligibility”.

He went on to comment on “90% of applicants who automatically qualify for a medical card based on their income will be able to use the website for their cards”.

With a combination of relief from applicants and also the HSE employees workload, this may well be one of the best steps the HSE has taken in recent times.

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