The Honest Recruiter?

The Honest Recruiter

The Honest Recruiter

The Honest Recruiter?

No matter how the market is performing in Recruitment, there is never any excuse for dishonesty.

Unfortunately, we have had alot of comments made to us from our job seekers about the level of dishonesty in the Recruitment market in recent times.

Most common complaints -

  • Advertising jobs that do not exist
  • Making promises to find a job seeker a job
  • Telling Client Companies you can fill their job in X amount of time
  • Telling job seekers you will send their CV to a Company and then not
  • Not informing job seekers you have sent their CV to a Company – this is illegal practice
  • Promising job seekers you will get back to them with feedback on their CV submission¬†and then not
  • Promising job seekers you will keep in touch and then not

This is all misleading and unprofessional Recruitment Practice and does not abide with the NRF guidelines for Best Recruitment Practice.

This gives the Recruitment Industry in Ireland a bad name

Recruitment is a very responsible and worthwhile job.

As a Recruiter, you take job seekers future and career in your hand – this should be handled professionally and carefully.

In recent times, the decline in the Recruitment market has led to some dismal practice and short cuts and this needs to be stopped.

Our job seekers trust us that we will do our very best for them, this sort of practice leads to a lack of confidence and trust in us.

For further infomation on Best Practice in the Recruitment Industry in Ireland, go to -

This is for Clients and Job Seekers and every Recruiter in the country should know it, practice it and live by it every day of their working life as a Recruiter.

Honest and Integrity as a Recruiter brings Awards

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