3 Hospitals responsible for longest waiting lists in Ireland

Patient Waiting Lists

Patient Waiting Lists

There are 3 main Hospitals responsible for the longest Surgical waiting lists in Ireland.

Approx 50% of all patients waiting over a year for surgery are under the care of -

Tallaght Hospital

Temple St Children’s Hospital

Midland Regional, Tullamore

This is in accordance with the latest figures from the National Patient Register

 At the end of April, 611 patients were waiting over 12 months for Surgical Procedures.

115 of these were Tallaght Hosp, 79, Temple St and 73, Tullamore.

Some positive news though. Compared to the figures collated from last year, this is a nearly 50% decline in numbers of patients waiting over a year.

A spokesperson for the National Treatment Purchase Fund – NTPF made the point that the average waiting time across all Specialties across the Public system in Ireland for both Surgery and Medicine remains at a historical low of 2-3 months.

The NTPF are now concentrating on the few patients left waiting still over a year for Surgery with the hope they can help in reducing this waiting time.

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