The pre interview ‘Mirror Technique’

Use the 'Mirror Technique' to prepare for your interview

Use the 'Mirror Technique' to prepare for your interview

The pre interview ‘Mirror Technique’ is a very effective way to prepare for an up and coming interview.

We are asked every day for advice and information on how to present yourself at interview.

One of the techniques we highly recommend is to sit in front of a mirror and interview yourself.

Another option is to ask a friend or family member to interview you, but this has disadvantages – you can become self conscious, giddy or the feedback may not be too honest! -

A mirror never lies!

This is a very useful exercise for the following reasons -

  • Do you smile enough
  • How much you fidget
  • How much you use your hands and gesticulate
  • To observe your general body language which is 84% effective, or not in an interview situation
  • Are you casual or professional
  • Do you slouch
  • Do you look to the left or right
  • Are you rigid or relaxed

By playing the role of both interviewer and interviewee, you can observe how you come across to others.

This is concentrating on Body Language and in an interview situation, this is all important

Content of your interview is another matter dealt with seperately, but this ‘Mirror Technique’ focuses primarily on how you come across

In many interview training sessions, videotape is used and played back and this is a similar method to see how you sound, look and come across at an interview.

Unfortunatley, many of us do not have the relevant equipment at home to do this, but we all have access to a mirror!

Remember, when attending an interview, practice the ‘Mirror Technique’ beforehand so you are aware how you come across and have given youself the chance to improve anything you are not happy with BEFORE the actual interview.

Good luck!

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