Other peoples’ opinions can be dangerous

Other people's opinions

Other people's opinions

Other people’s opinions can be dangerous – always check it out before making a decision based on them.

We have had 2 recent episodes where our job seekers had been told by other people negative things about the Company they were applying to for a job and nearly pulled out as a result.

This is where word of mouth can be dangerous.

Check out the facts yourself first before making such a critical decision regarding your career and life balance.

Both cases were unfounded and it transpired that these were ex Medical Sales Reps who had left both Companies on a bad note and were both spreading negative feedback about these Companies down the Medical Sales Grapevine.

If you are a job seeker, you need to be very thorough in your methods and your research.

It is okay to hear negative things about the Company you are considering, but check it out – try to get a balanced non biaised opinion.

We are very thorough as Recruitment Consultants within the Medical Industry and will know whether rumours or word of mouth is true or not as we know our Client Companies very well and can therefore advise.

However, it is still imperative you seek out both sides of story and DO NOT let one person’s opinion dictate your career path.

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