Jobs on the Increase

Light at the End of the Recessionary Tunnel!

Light at the End of the Recessionary Tunnel!

It seems that jobs are on the increase and that there really is a map in place for new jobs coming up in the next 2-3 years in Ireland.

There have been various reports on the news about Ireland coming out of this recession in the next 3 years and slow as I am to admit it, it does seem like the investments keep coming!

From semiconductor producers investing in their Irish plants to US call center giants  creating 400 jobs in the gaming industry, to a Galway company winning a space agency contract, one cannot argue with the facts in plain sight - jobs are on the increase!

Plus don’t forget all this talk of Nano-Technology – however, that may be just a little longer than 3 years!

So whether you gained all your experience in the semi-conductor world or you have worked in a call centre all your life, things really do like they are turning for the better.

Slowly but surely we will get there!

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