It’s All in the Details

Details Details Details

Details Details Details

Whether you are applying for a Medical Sales job, a Nursing Job or a job in the Medical Device industry, your CV says everything about you from first glance. Whether you get that second glance depends on the contents of your CV. It’s all in the details you have provided.

Where as once upon a time, your title in the medical company you worked for and the dates you worked there were all self explanatory, these days a little more fine tuning is required in the details of your CV.

For example, if you are a Nurse, it is no longer acceptable to simply give the name of the hospitals you have worked in and your title of “Staff Nurse” and hope for the best. You need those extra details of not just the hospital, but the type of ward, the specific duties you carried out on a daily basis. Whether you are Orthopaedics or Cosmetics… it is all in the details.

Similarly, if you are working in the Kitting Department of a Medical Device company, you cannot just assume that your next potential employer will automatically know what your current job entails:

  • Do you deal with QA? How so?
  • Do you have regular contact with R&D? In what capacity?
  • Do you have detailed involvement with Product Development? Explain the details.
  • Have you named or detailed the specific projects you have worked on?

It is a very difficult mission, and although a bit daunting it will be worth it in the end. It is those extra details in this day and age that could get you that second glance.. possibly the job!

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