Be Prepared

Stop and Take Note!

Stop and Take Note!

Be Prepared! The single most fatal error when going to an interview is lack of preparation.

When attending an interview you must always prepare for all eventualities. For example, if you are a Medical Sales Rep and going for a Medical Sales job interview and you are required to do a presentation, then please cover all options!

  • Do the presentation early, have it perfect so you have at least 4/5 days to practice delivering it, and practice the timing – 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions
  • Handouts – bring a minimum of 3 handouts of the presentation. Your interviewers may not want a copy, but it is best you have it to hand for their future reference
  • Have it saved and ready to go on your laptop!
  • Save it to a memory stick and bring the memory stick with you! They may wish to view it on their own facilities.

Do not get caught out without duplicates of your work, the last thing you need is an IT error just as you are about to go “on stage” and you have no back up. It is unprofessional and shows a lack of preparation on your part.

Remember that doing a presentation in an interview informs your interviewer of your speaking, selling and presenting skills for their company and their products.

Imagine they are your clients and they have allocated you 15 minutes of their time to hear you speak about the products you are selling. Your own laptop crashes before you even open the presentation and you haven’t got it backed up on a memory stick?

Always be prepared!

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