New Asprin in Trinity School of Pharmacy

New Molecule Added

New Molecule Added

Trinity School of Pharmacy have been working on a new form of Aspirin.
Aspirin , by nature, has been used as a preventative action against heart attacks, blood clots and strokes, but the acidic ingredients have been known to lead to stomach ulcers and bleeding. The dominant cause of this is the active aspirin ingredient dissolving prior to hitting the blood stream.
Trinity have been working on a counter to this. Trinity Scientist John Gilmer has been working on adding a new molecule which deactivates the asprin until it enters the bloodstream, hence protecting the stomach and small intestine.

Dr Gilmer is now collaboratring with colleagues Prof Marek Radomski (platelet biolody) and Dr Carlos Medina (gasteroenterologist) to take the drug to the next step of clinical trials.

Trials for this new Aspirin are expected to occour in Ireland at the end of 2011.

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