In the current economic climate

Employers have the pick of the crop to choose from

Employers have the pick of the crop to choose from

In the current economic climate we find that employers have the pick of the crop when it comes to choosing candidates for their resourcing requirements. 

Not in decades has there been such an opportunity for Irish employers to choose from such a wide range of superbly qualified candidates with such excellent experience and skills and as a result they are taking their time before they make their selection.

Many employers only too well remember the scarcity of skilled and qualified candidates that existed in the Ireland of less than five years ago and the relentless career and salary demands of prospective employees.  

Fast forward five years and the employment landscape has changed beyond recognition.

Applicants for new positions often describe interminable periods of time waiting for feedback leading to a lack of self worth and a pronounced sense of limbo, this can erode already dwindling confidence whilst waiting and wondering-what happened?? 

Candidates cannot be blamed for wondering or doubting did their cv meet the criteria? Was there an ulterior reason why they have not heard back? Is the requirement real? Where they or their qualifications good enough? 

Feedback is the key and all candidates certainly deserve feedback ;-even if it is negative or disappointing because at least that way they can move on to looking at the next job. Because in the current economic climate it is the persistence to overcome disappointment and the determination to succeed despite competition that will get you your next job.

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