Bank on It

From ATM to AMT (Advanced Manufacturing Technology)

From ATM to AMT (Advanced Manufacturing Technology)

Banking on it, the banking industry in Ireland today is suffering with almost 800 jobs are going in Bank of Scotland, Ireland/ Hallifax. Today people are looking elsewhere for employment prospects that offer security and good salaries.

Currently those conditions only appear to exist in either the public sector at senior clerical officer grades or within certain growth sectors in the Irish economy such as Medical Device Manufacturing or within Medical Sales. Both of these sectors are exhibiting phenomenal growth despite the current down turn.

Positions such as those for Medical Technical Sales rep, Chief Science Officer, or Senior Injection Moulding Engineer are on offer from a variety of major employers such as Vistakon, Mergon, KCI, Medtronic or HSL. All these positions offer considerable career prospects and attractive salaries that still hark back to the good old days of the early naughties.

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