Wound Care Sales Recruitment

A very happy new year to you all.  So, what will 2010 hold for us all in healthcare recruitment?  We in your favorite Medical Recruitment Agency are feeling optimistic.  Wound Care Sales positions are coming out of our ears at the moment.

It is not just wound care jobs though.  It seems that with a new year and new budgets things are looking up on the jobs front.  We had new jobs coming in on Christmas eve! There have been more since.

If you are an experienced medical sales rep and are living in Dublin or the West, then ask us about the wound care positions.

With recovery from the recession penciled in for mid way through the year, those of us who work around medical and science areas have good reason to be optimistic.  Healthcare Recruitment never suffered in the same way as some other areas, and there are jobs about, with more on the way.

Wishing you all an exciting and happy 2010!

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