Send your CV in Word format only

Use Word for your CV

Use Word for your CV

For job seekers out there currently in the market, please remember to use only a Word.doc version of your CV to send to Recruitment Agencies.

Word is the most commonly used format and can be edited, changed and read easily.

Client Companies also do not like CV’s to be submitted in any other format than Word.

Other formats eg JPeg or PDF do not look as well, do not copy or edit as well and can take up alot of time to translate back in to Word.


If it’s not in Word format, your CV will not get the full attention it should as it will go down the priority list over someone else’s who’s CV is in Word and is good to go.

If you are looking for a job – only send your CV in a Word.doc format so it will get immediate attention and be more appealing to a Client Company

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