Read the requirements for a job before applying

Meet the criteria before applying for a job

Meet the criteria before applying for a job

It is always worth reading the essential requirements for a job before applying.

All too often, CV’s are being sent to us by people totally unsuitable for the jobs they are applying for.

There are a number of reasons for this -

  1. Careless
  2. Rushed
  3. Poor attention to detail
  4. Desperate

This creates a bad impression from the outset which is not what you want to give the Recruiter who will be helping you to find your next job.

It also wastes alot of valuable time when a Recruiter gets hit with 20 unsuitable and careless CV submissions before he/she can get to the ones that are suitable.

This may also be the reason why job seekers can feel they are being ignored or not responded to as even the most fantastic Recruiter in the world – all of whom work for JBM!, will eventually lose patience with what are commonly knows as the ‘time wasters’

Applying for a job is a process which requires care, attention and time – never fall in to the trap of just sending your CV out to a multitude of jobs and sites as this will be spotted very quickly as it starts turning up at the same place more than once and will instantly give a bad impression of you

Please always ensure you meet the criteria on the job advert before applying and if you dont – dont apply

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