Less Haste- More Speed

Are you what they want?

Are you what they want?

Less haste-more speed as the saying goes. I recently received over a dozen CV’s from candidates applying for jobs that they were quiet obviously not qualified to do, both in terms of experience and qualifications. After the tenth CV I became slightly paranoid and read my job descriptions again and realised they were correct and more than that were very specific in what I required from applicants.

For example, I was in one instance looking for a Degree Qualified  Production Manager or Manufacturing Engineer with experience of Injection Moulded Medical Devices. What I received was a Production Manager with none of the other attributes, no degree, no medical device experience and no moulding experience?

Obviously the candidate was not suitable and was informed of this fact. That didnt help me as both his and my time was wasted.

This made me realise that the candidates were not or could not have been reading the job specification properly or fully before application or they would have realised this and not wasted their time.

Granted these are difficult times and people are frantically trying to find new jobs because of urgent financial commitments and they are in difficult situations, However that also means their time is even more valuable and probably better spent researching where suitable jobs are or by presenting their skills correctly and sending their CV’s to employers or Agencies that have positions that match their skills and experience

Consider this; if a candidate replies to a live requirement immediately that they are suitable for, if they are the first applicant they stand psychologically 1st in line for the job with the employer as that employer may require that person immediately and lean strongly towards the first suitably qualified candidate.

At the very least a requirement may be closing out and the applicant may have missed out on a closing application date whilst wasting time applying to an unsuitable  post.

Applying to a requirement you dont suit means you are looking in the wrong direction at the wrong time and you may miss out to someone else who has taken their time selecting a suitable job and as a result won out ahead of you simply because they took the time to read the Job specification.

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