Its not the end of the world it just looks like it!

How to spend your time more productively

How to spend your time more productively

Its not the end of the world it just looks like it! Snow and Ice seems to have kept a lot of us at home yesterday and today but that doesnt mean that the world stops.  Thanks to the internet and e-mail its still possible to keep in contact and to assess whats happening in your career.

Although  it may be irritating that you have work to do at your desk and cant make it in to be physically present, it can sometimes be benificial from a number of perspectives being at home when you are snowed in.

Primarily from a safety perpective there is little benifit to you or your employer if you attempt to come to work only to end up coming to harm as a result of being stuck in a snowdrift for the majority of the day or being stressed to the point of a nervous break down as you slip and slide your way to work as usual or worse still; find yourself stuck behind an articulated truck which appears to be sliding unstopably towards you and your equally immobile car.

If you are at home and have as most  people do these days, a home office, it may be possible to do quiet a lot of work contacting clients, drafting documents or reviewing plans that are sometimes difficult to achieve at work due to interuptions or staff meetings. When the weather clears it may then be possible to return to work with a clear mind and a fresh approach that may have not have been possible simply due to a lack of opportunity.

After all how many of us have found that a  few hours away from the desk to think can allow you to see the woods for the trees rather than feeling like you are reacting to events rather than driving them?

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