Prepare to Win

Be Prepared to Win

Be Prepared to Win

Prepare to win if you want to win at the interview.  Preparation improves confidence and performance at interviews allowing far greater communication of your skills as you will much more relaxed and at ease. 

Preparation takes a variety of  forms.It involves actively reading up on the target company, their products and their strategy in business and if possible reading up on or talking to people already working for or who have previously worked for the target company. The more prepared you are the more organised you appear at interview and the more attractive you appear as a recruitment prospect.

Be sure of what you want to say when you are selling your skills as well as yourself. Ask yourself -why would a company hire me? What can I offer over every other candidate coming through the same interview as me? If you can convince yourself realistically that you are a good bet then you are half way there. 

Be keen and enthusastic in your answers, so many candidates fail at interview for lack of interest even though technically they appear to meet all the clients criteria but they simply fail as they dont appear to want the job or  to be hungry enough to want to get it. 

Consider this; would you hire someone if they looked and responded as if they wished they were some where else?

If you want the job you have to be prepared to win and that means doing your homework in advance and not as the teacher walks through the door.

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