What motivates a Company to choose a Recruitment Agency?

An imperative to work together can be a decider of sucess

An imperative to work together can be a decider of sucess

What motivates a company to choose a Recruitment Agency?

Some might consider cost should be the single prime decider. However, this is a questionable basis for making an important decision; ask yourself, how safe would you feel if you chose cheap tyres for your family car!

Therefore client companies tend to consider more than the simple cost of provision of recruitment services. Again it may be alright as long as everything works out- but when rathet than if it doesnt work out; using the wrong provider can be a very costly lesson to learn and to correct.

Once queried on his professional service costs by a client, Red Adair, the famous Oilwell Firefighter simply replied;

 ”If you think its expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur ”

So what do client companies want from recruitment agencies?

  • Client Companies want  Recruitment Agencies that can show they understand their business and are committed to them.
  • They want an alternative opinion to their own, a business partner who works with them and not ambivalence when there is the possibility of another independent perspective being offered which may help and improve the overall recruitment process.
  • They want to see delivery on promises made and not just empty promises.
  • They want to hear sorry when a mistake is made and not blame shifting which is both unconstructive and shows an inability to learn from mistakes.
  • They want a Recruitment firm that involves themselves with the candidates, by taking an interest in the candidates motives and reason for coming on board with their client.
  • They want to see Recruitment firms that can demonstrate a long term rather than short term view of the client business relationship.

Hitting all of the above heavily influences the decision of a company to use a Recruitment Agency and is obviously a key decider of  the long term business future of a Recruitment Agency and can be the difference between a Recruitment Agency surviving or going under in a recession.

Therefore real commitment to the above factors for sucess are also an imperative for both quality and survival.

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