The importance of ‘Time out’



It’s Friday and the weekend is near – a psychological avantage for those in the Corporate sector – but do remember, no matter how fast your fast lane is, do not underestimate the important of ‘Time out’.

Time out is something we do little of these days as the economic decline increases the pessimism and negativity all around us.

Everyone is worried about the up and coming budget and still reeling from the effects of the last one.

Common questions – how do I meet my deadlines, pay the bills, feed the kids – is my job safe?

We all suffer from bad Time Management and as we can’t find the ‘time’ to do things, how do we find the ‘time’ to have ‘time out’?

Allocate it – it is more important then anything else.

We all need to quickly learn to get out of the fast lane and slow down – even if it is 5 minutes a day.

This is a reality check on today’s society and can become all consuming, if we do not take the important step of having some ‘Time out’, we could get very swallowed up by all the doom and gloom.

It is a well known cliché, if you do not look after yourself, you will be no good for anyone else you look after.

Be it a walk with the dog, a trip in the car, a latté with friends or a good auld chin wag, it has to be done as stress is a killer and builds up tension slowly and dangerously.

Don’t let stress get to you – get to it first -


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