Remember to STAR in your interview

Frame your answers by keeping STAR in mind at all times.

Frame your answers by keeping STAR in mind at all times.

Remember to STAR in your interview if you want to get the next job you are interviewed for. What does STAR mean I hear you say?  Well STAR means:-

Situation:- being able to give a sense of perspective or background to the job you were in.

 Task:- Detail the tasks you were required to undertake.

Action:- Account for what you did personally- what was your impact and contribution to the job required.

Result:- Fairly evident this, what was the result or outcome of your personal contribution/ actions.

I’ve always found that candidates who keep this in mind at interviews and can provide a structured frame around their answers, by providing specific answers much more illuminating as to their abilities. Specific responses also tend to give a clearer indication as to whether candidates are knowledgable about the subject the interviewer requires answers to. They also give a clearer indication of the candidates confidence in being able to undertake the job duties required.

Evasive or vague answers to questions create at best a blurred image of the capabilities of the candidate and a perception that they are much less knowledgeable than they may actually be.

The STAR approach provides candidates with a very helpful frame to present their abilities in a much more constructive and positive format. In the current highly competitive Irish recruitment market you have to set yourself apart from the opposition and to be seen to be the best candidate at the interview-don’t limit yourself at an interview be a STAR!

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