Follow the money!

Medical Devices Manufacturing R&D continues to seek high caliber candidates

Medical Devices Manufacturing R&D continues to seek high caliber candidates

Follow the money! A maxim often quoted in recruitment when looking for the areas of activity where recruitment is taking place. At present it certainly appears that the medical device manufacturing industry is ploughing ahead in new Research and Investment Projects across Ireland.

Where as the beleagured construction industry is rapidly faling into decline and infrastructure is imminently due for winddown, medical devices continues to expand and grow as a major contributor to the Irish economy.

In terms of world class R&D competition, Ireland is in the top ten leagues of countries with a major R&D presence usually a prime indicator of strategic importance of where  multinational medical device manufacturers see value and where they tend to carry out serial reinvestment at multiple sites and in new products.

Boston Scientific and Abbotts  are just two examples that spring to mind and some of the most significant investors in terms of R&D and employment in Ireland Inc.

Recruiting in this area requires an active involvement in the industry and an understanding of the requirements of client companies operating in this sector. The demand for high caliber candidates continues to support a range of medical device manufacturing clients and sees an increasing continuing future demand for high end skills and services for R&D Managers, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing and Quality professionals amongst others. Long may it continue.

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