Where are all the Jobs?

A Diverse range of Medical Devices are manufactured today

A Diverse range of Medical Devices are manufactured today

Where are all the jobs? A question a lot of people are asking these days as they scour job boards and recruitment agency sites after months of news about redundancies, layoffs and wage cuts which have forced people to look at pastures new.

Well within the science and technology sectors, it does appear as if there are still some job opportunities for engineers and professionals within the green sciences and medical device manufacturing sectors.

Companies such as ESB, Open Hydro and Aertricity are investing billions in green renewable energy technology projects and are attracting attention from overseas as well as at home. All of these companies retain considerable hope and expectation that these markets will not just be in demand this year but will expand further in the years ahead as the global energy market shifts away from our reliance on fossil fuels.

Over 140 companies in Ireland export €6 billion  euros in medical devices which consutitutes nearly 9% of total exports. Medical device manufacturing now employs over 25,000 people in Ireland and  is spread through out Ireland covering aspects such as R&D, imnno assay test kits, precision tooling and moulding, micro component, manufacture, New product development. 

The geographic spread and range of  products and services offers potential  to science and technical graduates through out the length and breath of the country offering employment opportunities within every region in Ireland. This is a positive as it reduces the strain on civil and commercial infrastructure that has previously been exerted upon Cork and Dublin as a result of certain industries clustering in on regions that offer strong IT and Utilities infrastructure.

Several Irish Recruitment Agencies are now gearing themselves to support these paticular sectors including Jackie Brown Medical which has dedidcated Science and Technology desk covering all aspects of life science recruitment covering Medical Device manufacturing jobs, Green Jobs, plastics jobs, moulding jobs and a host of other related science and medical jobs in Ireland today

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