The best way to get a job is…

The best way to find a job is the way that works!

The best way to find a job is the way that works!

The best way to get a job is no longer definable.  I would even say that spending any time wondering about the best way to get a job is a waste of effort.

Let’s clear up some confusion.

It used to be simple.  You read the small ads in the papers and you joined a recruitment agency or two.  If you saw a job you liked in the paper you posted off your CV.  If a recruitment agency told you about a job that seemed suitable you asked them to put you forward for it.

Now the job market has gone haywire.  The internet has become one large glut of advertised jobs, but finding one that you could actually apply for is harder than ever.

How many job boards are there now?  How do you find a job on Twitter?  What is Twitter all about anyway? Why are you being asked to become a fan on a Facebook page?  How will any of that Social Media guff help you get a job?  How do you keep your personal life and your work life separate on Facebook?  Is anybody using Linkedin in Ireland? If they are then what are they using it for? ……….

And the most important question:

Do I have to be on all those sites now just to get a job?

No, you don’t. You particularly don’t if you work in the medical field.

I am a huge fan of social media.  I like the concept of networked information, of being able to connect with hundreds or thousands of people, who in turn have more connections.  Why do I like it?  It is a fantastic marketing tool.  It is possible to reach more people with less expense than ever before.

There is another reason I like it.  Through social media I have regained long lost contacts, I have been pointed towards information that has been useful to me in my job and I have realised that some people are more comfortable with typing than talking on the phone.

Through social media (including this blog) we have been able to make Jackie Brown Medical exceedingly accessible and interactive.  You can leave a comment on this blog at 2 am but you will not find us answering the phone at that time!

The best way to get a job is the way that you are most comfortable with.  If you are a social media whiz then use it.  If you like job boards, use them, if you like to use recruitment agencies then do.

If you are looking for a job use all the means available to you or just use a few.  The only really good advice to give you is to be careful with where you put your CV.

Good luck with hunting.  By the way, if anybody wants to know more about how to use social media for job hunting then leave a comment on this post.  Or do it the old way and pick up the phone.  I may well write some more in depth posts on social media in the future, so subscribe to the feed to ensure you don’t miss it.

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