Give something back

Interview and CV preparation skills

Interview and CV preparation skills

It’s always nice to give something back to those who you work with. In the case of recruitment its nice to give something to those that recruiters most depend on to ensure their business’s continue to function;-ie the job seekers.

Many Irish recruitment agencies spend a lot of time taking CV’s but not giving  enough feedback to those who are unsuccessful  in their application but none the less have taken the time to respond to the advertisements that the agency has  run. If they didn’t reply the agencies wouldn’t  have the CV’s they require to support their clients requirements and by extension they would have nothing to offer to sell their recruiting services.

As recruiters work continually involves the professional assessment and presentation of CV’s and daily interviewing of candidates, they are uniquely qualified to present valuable insights and advice to candidates, and to enhance their candidates with the maximum possibility of achieving success in not only winning an interview, but also maximising their competitive potential against opposition at their individual interview.

The NRF has recently taken measures to address this and has set up workshops to educate those who require information on a variety of topics on areas such as CV and interview preparation. Jackie Brown Medical, an NRF award winning recruitment agency in particular, has provided it’s applicants with specialised tips and advice on a wide variety of professional topics to ensure and to enhance their job hunting prospects in today’s challenging employment market for medical professionals seeking work in the medical jobs recruitment market.

Please feel free to visit our website to read our testimonials and to review our advice center topics if you are looking for a winning CV or tips on how to get the best out of agencies and interviews. Its worth your while and our pleasure to help.  After all, its nice to give something back.

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