R&D at UCD



The preeminence of R&D at UCD is very much in evidence and globally renown. Despite the shortcomings of the current government and its recent track record on the economy, its long term investment  strategy in relation to R&D appears to be on target. €14.8m is being invested over the next five years in the Systems Biology Ireland Research Centre and will be centered at the UCD campus, already home to NIBRT, (National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training).

It is hoped that this will make Ireland a leader in the consolidation of computing, maths and biology and will further enhance Ireland’s attractiveness as a site of  foreign direct investment for the future as this state of the art computing center will considerably promote Ireland as a significant R&D center of expertise and scientific research in addition to being a major scientific contributor in the fight against cancer and various other life threatening medical conditions

Adding  to the attractiveness of  NIBRT’s direct industrial applications and capabilities potential, the consolidation of computer modeling and study of biological systems offers a similar appeal to R&D clients. Collectively these  will present considerable marketing advantages for Ireland as a center for foreign direct investment and offers enhanced potential  for collaborative projects which can only improve Ireland’s already excellent reputation for world class scientific and engineering professionalism. 

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