Grab your job with both hands!

Keep your job!

Keep your job!

Hi guys,

We are getting calls every day currently from people who are trying to change jobs or change career and our advice right now as employment is so insecure, whatever job you have right now, grab it with both hands!

This is not the time to change career direction unless of course redundancy is becoming a risk and you have to upskill or change career direction.

Alot of Sales people are trying to get in to Medical or Pharmaceutical Sales and this is proving more difficult without a Medical/Science qualification and Medical Sales experience.

We hear of redundancies being made every day and for these people we can offer little advice or encouragement as the economy dictates this situation.

Alot of people are turning to college and up skilling which seems to be having a positive effect.

However, if your current job is secure, do not look to change anything as it may not be the best job you ever had, but now is not the time to do anything about it as in a new Company, your will be the last in and therefore the first out as the Redundancy cloud looms.

In a nutshell, whatever your current job is, if it is secure, grab it with both hands.

The time for change will come when the market turns for the better.

One thought on “Grab your job with both hands!

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