Fitter for that new job

getting-fit1Good morning.

I thought I would highlight how looking for a new job, can in fact be an enjoyable task.

As we all know, our health is our most valuable asset and one which is very often taken for granted.

Looking for a job causes great stress levels which slowly build up in our nervous system turning us into the human equivalent of a pressure cooker. But when we do some physical exercise, all that stored up energy suddenly finds a channel through which it can operate. So when you finish, not only do you have that feel-good physical factor, but also an enhanced sense of mental clarity.

Feeling good about yourself and having clarity of thought are a MUST when looking for a new job.

Shaking off lethargy and sluggishness is a real challenge when looking for a new job. The feeling of disappointment and not being able to accomplish anything during the day will be common and there will be the temptation of throwing in the towel and putting your head under the covers. DON’T

We all know that deep inside us there is  boundless inner potential waiting to be fulfilled. One way to tap into this potential is through sports. Not only does this give you a sense of  joy and fulfilment but it releases endorphins into the blood and gives you the ‘feel good factor’.

It is imprtant to feel good when looking for a new job.

Make exercise part of your day and this will shake off any negative feelings around your situation and give you the confidence to do all you can in finding that new job.

And of course, you will be a lot fitter to take on the challenge.

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