The GP-Pharma Rep Relationship is changing…

pharma-companiesIn a recent survey conducted by MSD Ireland, it was found that many GP’s would like to see a change in how pharmaceutical companies deliver information to doctors. Some doctors also mentioned their increasing workload and their difficulty in finding time to meet a Pharma Rep.

Some GP’s felt that there was a lot of information coming at them from the pharmaceutical industry but the consensus was that in general the information is valuable.

The not so positive side  was perhaps, that many GP”s felt that there were an awful lot of people delivering the same information. They want information in a format that is more meaningful for each person rather than a lot of people crowding around giving the same information. They want certain information given from a patient perspective.

They want to see how the industry could package their offerings in a way that is both patient and user centric. The old model of rep based meetings while valuable, may not be as valuable as also supporting them with other support materials that can be accessed at any stage.

This includes webbased education tools and more focused information given on each condition. Receiving medical education information through the web is becoming more and more popular for GP’s as their time becomes more and more restricted for Pharma Rep meetings.

The Pharma Rep will do well in considering these research findings when making the next appointment with a GP.

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