HR & Recruitment join forces…..

one-teamI am delighted to see the merging of the two professions in the shape of  the HR & Recruitment Ireland website.

For too long now, the two professions have been separated. We are all too familiar with separate HR and Recruitment departments in large organisations.

As a Fellow of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), I have been  disappointed by the CIPD publications in the past as they have been very UK focused and not relevant to the Irish market. I am glad to see that the HR & Recruitment Ireland website has taken up the thread here and given us an Ireland focus.

On this website, Recruitment professionals as well as  HR professionals can look for industry information in their field . People can air their opinions on the Opininons/Analysis section of the website and this can be a great platform to exchange ideas and gain up to date information on areas such as Compensation and Benefits, Staff Health & Wellbeing and Training.

HR and Recruitment professionals can learn a lot from each other and it is good to see this happening in the form of the HR & Recruitment Ireland website.

Contributions in the form of articles from both HR and Recruitment professionals are helping to bring these professions much closer.

The foundations are now being set for the HR and Recruitment departments of large organisations to join forces and start working together as one team.

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