Good News Stories…..

good-newsI was at the NRF (National Recruitment Federatiion) Annual Conference recently and I was very interested in a comment made by Frank Collins, President of the NRF.

He said that what is driving the economy in a downwards spiral is the constant negative news stories that are being published in the press. We all know the expression ‘Bad news travels fast’, but I don’t think we want constant reminders on a minute by minute, day by day basis, that we are in a Recession.

Every man, woman and child walking the street knows that we are in a global downturn but what they are not hearing about are the Good News Stories.

‘Why’? you might ask

The answer is simple. Good News stories do not sell papers.

At the NRF Conference, it was also mentioned that Miriam O’Callaghan, our RTE broadcaster, refused to announce a Good News jobs story on Prime-time.

I, for one, was shocked at this and decided that there and then, I would only concentrate on Good News Stories.

For all our Jackie Brown Medical blog readers, here are a few Good News Job Stories:

1) 200 new jobs have been announced at the Cook Medical plant in Limerick

2) Paypal have announced 35 new jobs at their Dublin plant

3) Abtran in Cork are creating 250 new jobs

4) CIRS(Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service), is setting up its EU Headquarters in Dundalk and will be creating 26 high-level jobs

That is a total of 511 new jobs being created and great news for the economy.

Let’s keep the Good Stories coming. They are out there. We just have to look harder!

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