Do Nurses make good Medical Sales Reps?

nurses2Do Nurses make good Medical Sales Reps?

We are asked this question a lot and the simple answer is ‘YES’. You might ask ‘WHY’ and the simple reason is, Nurses are good listeners.

Of course it is not only being a good listener that gets you into Medical Sales but a combination of other factors too. A Nurse has a good all-round knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology and in a lot of cases can be a Specialist. A Medical Sales company seeking a Cardiology Sales Rep for example will look at a Nurse who has specialised in this area.

Now don’t get me wrong here. It is not all as simple as that. Not all Nurses want to go into Medical Sales but this blog is focused on those who DO. Those who feel that they have the passion and drive to sell are those Nurses that become successful in Medical Sales.

We have placed a number of Nurses with no Medical Sales experience in Medical Sales companies and they have all been excellent.

Nurses live in a Hospital environment, they speak in  medical terms all day and they are passionate about what they do. The only thing that they are missing is SALES

That is easily rectified as there are a lot of Medical Sales Training courses available focused on medical professionals wanting to get into SALES. For any of you Nurses out there thinking of getting into Medical Sales, these courses are a MUST.

A lot of Nurses find that after a number of years, they are ready for a new challenge and Medical Sales seems a natural career move for them. They like the change of having their week-ends off and working to earn more money.

If any of you Nurses are thinking about a career change, think seriously about Medical Sales.

Ask yourself the questions:

1) Am I passionate about what I do?

2) Am I driven by money?

If the answer to the above is ‘YES’, Medical Sales could be the career move for you.

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