Back to basics….

reference-checkI thought it would be worth mentioning to all our job seekers the importance of the Reference Check. You might think this is a well worn out topic, but believe me, it is one that is severely underestimated.

A good reference is the difference between you getting a job offer or not. Your relationship with your boss is of paramount importance here. Always remember that your boss has the power to ensure that you get your next job or not.

Very often, employees forget the bigger picture. They get very settled in their current jobs and are not thinking about their next job. They might have a good or not so good relationship with their boss. The ‘not so good’ relationship is something that the employee needs to avoid as they want their boss on their side when going for their next job.

As the days of  job security are a thing of the past, references are becoming more and more important as job changes are happening on a daily basis.

Always make sure that when you are leaving a place of employment, that you ask your boss’s permission to use he/she  as a referee and that you are on good terms with this person.

No-one can work on your relationship with your boss for you, but always be aware that he/she has the power to make your next job offer happen or not.

Always treat your boss with respect and dignity and your next job offer will be a much easier task.

Most of all Good Luck….!!

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