The M.R.I.I. what’s the big deal for Medical Sales?

medical-sales-meeting1If you are already in medical sales and are looking for new job vacancies, you will likely be asked if you are a member of the Medical Representative Institute of Ireland. If you are looking for your first job in medical sales, you will definitely be asked what you know of the M.R.I.I.

So what is the M.R.I.I. and what’s the big deal?

The Institiute was formed in 1982 and was formed by people working as medical representatives. They function as an educational body for those who are working as, or seeking to work as medical representatives in Ireland.

The Institute provides an opportunity for medical representatives to expand their knowledge of clinical practice. to discuss their experiences with colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry, and to be part of an organisation which is actively invoolved in its members careers.

The Institute is recognised by the state as the examining body for  medical representatives in Ireland. They organise a membership exam for their students in April each year. The MRII examination started in 1987 and to date 733 candidates have successfully completed the examination.

To advance or kickstart your career in medical sales, it is strongly recommended you join the M.R.I.I.

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