The luck of the Irish Employer!….

luck-of-the-irish-employerThe Employee Employer relationship has come full circle. I remember only a year ago where it was all about Employee’s rights and Employee fair practice in the workplace. It was the rule of thumb to get your salary increase and annual bonus. It was commonplace to air any grievances you had with your colleagues or Managers with your HR Manager.

It was normal to challenge any policy or procedure an Employee was unhappy with. It was easy to change jobs for a higher salary and to get it. There were more jobs available than candidates and it was they who were in the driving seat.

Well, that has all changed now. The Employer is back in the driving seat and dictates what an Employee should or not be paid and if he/she will have continous employment or be made redundant. There is a greater supply of Candidates in the marketplace and the Employer now has the pick of the crop and at a very competitive price.

In these recessionary times, it is┬áno longer the ‘luck of the Irish’, but the luck of the Irish Employer!

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