Job seekers are suffering

Take the time

Take the time

Good evening

I have recently undertaken a survey on over 1000 job seekers recently in the jobs market here in Ireland to find out how they are feeling and how they are being treated by their Recruitment Agencies.

The results have been disappointing from a Recruitment Agency point of view and have shown strong signs of frustration and a lack of communication between the Recruiter and the job seeker.

The following are the main points of note made by a clear majority of today’s job seekers -

  1. They do not feel they can fully trust their Recruiter as their CV has been sent out to Companies without their knowledge or consent
  2. They are not getting full and comprehensive feedback following an unsuccessful interview
  3. They are feeling the recruiter is treating them as a number to make money out of rather then a person in a vulnerable position who needs a level of care and attention
  4. Recruiters are generally not thorough enough in their searches of suitable jobs and will e mail the odd Job Description of non relevant jobs
  5. Recruiters are not following through on the whole interview process
  6. One of the requests for change was for the Recruiter to act like they care
  7. Not unlike the sale of a car, the recruiter can be attentive in the initial stages, but once a job is offered, they do not follow up with a good luck call or a call after the first week to see how the new job is going

I have been working in the Medical Recrutiment field for over 9 years now and my background is in Nursing, I do care very much for this very vulnerable and currently even more sensitive group of people and if we cannot show this in what we do every day by trying to take that extra step, then we need to be doing a different job.

Recruiters remember, we are changing lives for people and we need to take the time and interest to do that effectively.

For further information on recruitment best practice go to -

The National Recruitment Federation is here to help the Recruitment Industry and it’s job seekers.

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