Jackie Brown Medical are on Twitter

Twitter: The convenient Social Networking experience

Twitter: The convenient Social Networking experience

Jackie Brown Medical have joined the Twitter evolution.  Our Twitter account can be found here :MedicalJobsGuru.

Jackie Brown Medical are one of the first Recruitment Agencies in Ireland to post our jobs to Twitter.

We will publish all our jobs to twitter.  Finding jobs on Twitter is not difficult.  Use the Twitter search function or one of the specific job seeking tools like TwitterJobSearch.com.  Why did we decide to use Twitter?

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networking mediums in Ireland and indeed globally. By posting our jobs to Twitter anybody who is following us gets up to date information on each job that comes in. Twitter is also interactive.  It allows for two way communication albeit in 140 characters or less.

How can information about jobs be conveyed in 140 characters or less?

We post the job title and a link to the job on Jackie Brown Medical.  In that way you only see the job title for jobs that don’t interest you and can click through to a full job description if the job is of interest to you.  This is one advantage twitter holds over RSS feeds where you get much fuller descriptions of every job, which in turn means that you are getting a lot of unwanted text.  Twitter cuts that down to a minimum.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed of our Twitter account instead to give you a lean and useful service.  Having the feed or following Jackie Brown Medical on Twitter means that you get realtime job updates.

Twitter on your mobile phone: Twitter users can use their mobile phone.  You don’t have to be plonked in front of a PC to get job updates.

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