Holding hands with the jobseeker…..

holding-handsI was talking to a Medical Sales Candidate of mine who has recently attended interviews with three Medical companies. I asked him how he got on and he told me the following:

1) the first Medical company who brought him back for second interview told him that he was too expensive and on that basis could not hire him

2) the second Medical company who also called him back for second interview told him that he was far too experienced for the job and that he would get bored

3) the third Medical company is yet to come back to him with feedback. His first interview was a week ago

I think it is very imprtant that the Employer is very frank with the jobseeker at first interview and highlights the unsuitability of a candidate after the interview is complete  A candidate shoould not be called back for second interview unless he/she is a strong contender for the posiiton

As Candidates are very vulerable in the market at the moment, I think the Employer, like the Recruitment Agency should guide the Candidate gently in the recruitment process.

By all means, the Candidate needs a helping hand to find the next suitable position, but let that hand be a warm and caring one. Let’s not fill the Candidate with false expectations at interview stage but rather with practical, frank and helpful advice.

That is what the jobseeker will be thankful for in the future.

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