The Recession bites the dust for some….

congrats-new-job1A Medical Sales Candidate of ours who has recently been made redundant, had a very pleasant experience today. He got two job offers from two excellent companies!

Like anyone else who loses their job, he was in fear of his mortgage and could not predict how long it would take to get his next job. What was very apparent from the start was that he was remaining positive right through the experience. He did not get affected by all the doom and gloom out there and faced the challenge head on.

He was called for interview for most, if not all jobs that he applied for, and he prepared well for each and every one of his interviews. He did research on every company he interviewed with, and knew the job description inside out. He did his interview preparation with the relevant Recruitment Consultant and had all the necessary information in advance of his interview.

His hard work and positive outlook won out in the end with his two job offers.

There is a lesson here for all of us. Work hard, remain positive and let’s beat this Recession!

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